If you are looking to save money on your videography, this is the page to see. Here we will offer our current specials and discount pricing.

Check in often to see what new specials we have!

Payment Specials Pay in full in cash or check up to a week before your event, and get 10% off! (5% for credit card)

Pay in full the week of your event, or at your event by cash or check, and get 5% off! (2.5% for credit card)
Advertisement Specials Allow us to give out flyers at your event, and take 5% off! (can be used in conjunction with other offers) This is not valid for events where we need to pass out flyers or order forms for other reasons such as tape sales.
Web Combinations Combine any two non-free webhosting options and get the lower priced one at half off! (offer ends when either service ends)

Combine any other web service with online ordering and get online ordering free while you maintain the other service.

Credit Cards Accepted:

We can accept credit card orders for all purchases through PayPal. This makes paying for our services easier.