Other Extras:
Misc Options
Raw Footage

$100 - VHS
$140 - DVD

You will receive the unedited footage from the event on DVD or VHS.
Color DVD Face


We will design a color image to be printed on the DVD(s). The image is printed directly onto the disc with NO stick on labels which can harm DVD players.
Color VHS Tape Labels


We will design color labels for the top and spine of your VHS tapes. These are stickers that are placed on the tapes.
Color VHS Tape Boxes


We will design images to be printed on a VHS tape box (cardboard- similar to the ones feature movies come in). The image can span the whole box.
Color DVD Box Label


We will design an image to go on the front of a standard DVD case (black or white). The image can span the whole front of the case.
Authored DVD We will spend extra time authoring a very nice DVD. This will include a main menu, chapter point menus.
Additional Copies

$20 VHS
$30 DVD+R
$40 DVD-R
Order additional copies at this rate. With more than 5 additional copies, we will lower the rates. This includes one standard DVD or VHS copy with standard labeling.

  • Color DVD Box Label (must be ordered for original copy): $5
  • Color DVD Face Label (must be ordered for original copy): $5
  • Color VHS Tape Labels (must be ordered for original copy): $3
  • Color VHS Tape Box (must be ordered for original copy): $5
  • Any of the above with new designs or not ordered originally incur full charge for the option.
Note: DVD-R copies require we send the video out to a third party.

Extremely Competitive Rates!
VHS or DVD Copies*

* DVD copies are in DVD+R format, which is compatible with approximately 89% of all DVD players. If you are interested in purchasing DVDs rather than videos, please refer to the compatibility page.