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Payment Schedule is: one third non-refundable deposit upon order, and the rest prior to delivery.

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Edit Only This is our lowest priced package. With this, you are responsible for video taping the event, and we will edit the footage. We can accept footage on VHS, S-VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MiniDV or other formats with an additional charge. This option is best if you have a friend who is good with a video camera. You can also have more than one person record the event. (Advanced color correction may be required if there is substantial quality / color difference between cameras)
  • Up To 5 Source Tapes Included in Package.
  • Up To 3 Hours Of Original Footage
  • Simple Editing (fades, dissolves, slow motion, black & white shots)
  • Opening and Closing Titles
  • 60 Minutes Plus Ceremony (if applicable, else, 75 minutes total) Edited Footage
  • Black and White Tape or DVD Labels
  • White or Black Cardboard VHS tape boxes or standard CD case for DVDs
  • Includes $100 Worth of Options Listed Here! (note: coverage based extras are 60% off but require the relevant footage)
  • One included VHS or DVD Copy
  • Additional Source Tape: $50
  • Additional Hour Original Footage: $150 (includes an additional source tape)
  • Additional 15 Minutes Edited Length: $100

Starting At $590

Extremely Competitive Rates!
VHS or DVD Copies*

* Two DVD formats exist. When ordering DVD copies, please specify which format is required. For more information, refer to the compatibility page.